Saturday, March 12, 2011

Heroes and Villains

I finished these two very interesting books this week.It made me wonder why some people turn out to be heroes, while others become villians. I thought I knew all about Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold=Traitor during the American Reveloution, right? Turns out that at the beginning of the war Arnold was considered to be a popular commander and a brilliant soldier. His invasion of Canada and his daring at the Battle of Saratoga saved Washington and allowed the Revolution to continue. Yet his own huge ego, the need for money and all sorts of slights, real and imagined led him to betray his county.
Louis Zamperini was also impetuous, had a huge ego and was in trouble with the law. Yet, he survied unimaginable cruelty and suffering at the hands of his captors during World War II. After a lost period of drinking to erase his terrible nightmares, he found God and became a respected member of society.
Two facinating men, two very different lives.

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