Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Killed the Walkman...

I killed another walkman last night. The circumstances were similar to other Walkman deaths I've been involved in--a fall from a height of 3-4 feet, cracking the cover to the battery. I was able to prolong the life of the previous Walkman with the strategic use of masking tape. The masking tape would hold in the battery, but would have to be dislodged everytime I needed to change the cassette tape. Then there was the struggle to replace the masking tape so that the battery cover would remain closed. Unfortunately the current Walkman died instantaneously.

I hear you saying, "Why in the world would anyone be using a Walkman in this day & age?" You can listen to BOCD on your computer (not portable, have to fight with the rest of the family for computer time, computer chair not comfortable); mp3 player (involves having to read directions on how to download a book, can't find instruction manual); CD player (currently used by older daughter to listen to her BOCD).

Besides the low-techness of the Walkman was its biggest plus. It fit perfectly into my jacket pocket. Just drop the tape in and push play. I will miss my Walkman. It got me through library school (how else are you going to read all those YA novels?). Walking the dog at 5:30 am = 14 Aubrey/Maturin novels, numerous mysteries, Harry Potter and Jack Keroack.

I guess its time to learn how to use the mp3 player. On the other hand, maybe I'll swing by Target because I don't think the rest of the Aubrey/Maturin novels are available as downloadable books....

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